Our Portfolio. Tailor-made consulting services.

You run a successful business. You are a specialist in your field. But now you are facing communicative challenges. In dealing with media, civil society, politicians or regulators, your entrepreneurial scope becomes constricted. Your professional environment can change at any time, confining the functioning of your business.

This is our specialty, our expertise. We are your interpreter. We translate the dynamics of media, politics and the public and support you with active reputation management.

We provide tailor-made counseling and focused support. Not with precast, one size fits all concepts, but with honest, efficient, orchestrated and structured communication: With the right messages - across all channels - towards all relevant stakeholders.

  • Communication & Reputation Management

    In a complex and interconnected society, companies of every size need to actively communicate - internally and externally. Interlocked. Stringent. Strategic. Long-term entrepreneurial success requires regular contact with employees, the media, authorities, political decision makers and the public. It is the only way, to understand and consolidate divergent interests. It is the only way, to preserve faith and credibility.

    Communication and reputation have become a measurable factor of success. Due to the breadth of social media, this applies to the national and global level as well to the local and regional sphere. The more transparent and faster markets get, the more important is active communication. We can support you in positioning yourself strategically and in representing your interests towards the public.

    It is also crucial to take the emotions and needs of all internal stakeholders seriously. We can support you in all matters of internal communication. Make your company’s history, goals and strategy understandable in order to establish the basis for a dialogue-oriented company culture. Make your employees ambassadors of your company.

  • Positioning & Executive Communications

    Nowadays, more than an excellent track record, an interesting business case or the right business strategy is required to be a long-term successful CEO or manager. Successful operational management or the mere securing of the “license to operate” are not sufficient anymore. It is crucial to obtain the “license to lead” from all stakeholders of the company and on a personal level. Globally, for everyone to see.

    We support you in your role as CEO, member of the supervisory board or manager, to raise your personal profile based on a comprehensive analysis with a convincing and tailor-made executive story embedded into a long-term communication strategy.

  • Public Affairs & Governmental Relations

    Political and civil society’s influence on companies and organizations is greater than ever before. This holds true for all political levels. Regulations in Germany are increasing every day. The rules of politics are changing constantly. Structures are becoming more complex, interrelations more difficult, interests and protagonists more diverse.

    We know how German politics function – also regarding the digital dimension. We understand the pattern of thoughts, structures, processes and interdependencies of the German market. We reduce complexity and clearly dissect your issue. We support you with research, positioning and networking – from local, regional and national affairs, up to the European level in Brussels. Online and offline. Digitally and analogue. But always with a clear goal.

  • Political Due Diligence

    We analyze the political and regulatory framework for your individual project.

    When a company is about to make important decisions the following often holds true: for evaluations, the environment and external stakeholders are equally important as key figures and legal risks.

    We support you with Political Due Diligence. Fast, precise, with background knowledge and a network, we facilitate strategic realignments, company acquisitions, the development of new business segments, major investment decisions or winning new markets.

    We create transparency and a resilient basis for decisions.

  • Financial Communications

    Successful financial communication decisively influences the success of corporations. The effective positioning towards investors, analysts and media is key for a positive capital market evaluation. Therefore, clear and goal-oriented messages are essential for the communication of the business strategy and equity story.

    We support you in the communication of your quarterly and annual figures, the preparation of the annual general meeting and with all events relevant for your share price. With our know-how and tailor-made solutions, we also assist you in special situations, for example with activist shareholders. – for your capital markets success and to the satisfaction of your shareholders.

  • Legal Communications & Litigation PR

    Legal disputes are not limited to court rooms anymore, but expand to the public, social media, TV shows and newspapers. Asked or not: All stakeholders get involved and form their opinion. This directly affects your business success and shareholder value. Therefore, effective and honest communication with clear messages towards all stakeholders becomes more and more important before, during and after legal disputes.

    We provide support. We will set up a comprehensive communication strategy with process-related assistance in line with the legal strategy and in close coordination with the lawyers to protect your interests also in the public sphere.

  • Special Situations: Crisis and Insolvency

    Every company can get into situations that are not part of normal business operations. Especially now, proper communication is crucial. Belittlement, appeasement and waiting to respond are no solution. The media and public begin to ask questions, especially when they assume information is held back.

    Whether environmental damage, product recalls, investigations by a prosecutor, legal proceedings, critical disputes with competitors or a sudden change of management: crises constrain your entrepreneurial scope. The number of options to act is decreasing with every hour. Crises do not allow for mistakes. Credibility is essential to prevent reputational damage. We offer support, 24/7.

    We also offer special support in case of insolvency. Now more than ever it is crucial for insolvency administrators and management to create transparency and maintain or gain trust among employees, clients, suppliers and the public. Professional communication facilitates the achievement of these goals. We provide strategic and operational assistance for insolvency administrators and corporate management to increase the chances of a successful reorganization.

  • Authorization procedures

    In Germany, citizens and the media have special information and participation rights. Refusing those rights is not a solution, especially for foreign companies and project developers. Over the last few years, new forms of public participation and protest have been developing.

    During the entire process, we assist you in facilitating authorization procedures and construction projects that include participation formats through adequate communication. Achieve transparency and acceptance with all parties by means of active dialogue. Achieve transparency and acceptance in an active dialogue with all stakeholders.

  • Monitoring, Research & Analysis

    Decision making processes in German politics, government agencies and large organizations are often hard to see through. However, if you want to achieve change, you need to know responsibilities and understand interdependencies. You have to know more than others. We help with that. We create transparency through monitoring, research and analysis. With educated background knowledge and a network in the German market, we use our competence and goal-oriented perspective as a solid foundation for entrepreneurial decisions, aiming at succeeding in the German market.

    With constant monitoring you will have knowledge of public debates and political agendas at all times. With individual research you will learn about positions, structures, processes, organizations and protagonists. With competent analysis we provide you with information and knowledge and will evaluate it considering the logics of German politics, media and the public.