The company. Lean structures. Strong network.

We are different. We are no typical consultants. We are entrepreneurs. We think accordingly: We are focused on addressing the individual needs of our clients –precast, one size fits all concepts and presentations are unknown to us. We are problem solvers and tutors in difficult situations. Based on our integrated approach comprising strategic advice, operational support and a comprehensive network. Or any other component critical for your success.

Our work is centered around our client’s business strategy that we aim to support with the right communicative measures. This is our specialty. Daily business or crises: honest, properly orchestrated and sustainable communication makes room for maneuvers and guarantees entrepreneurial success.

At Fuchs & Cie., you won’t pay for an expensive infrastructure. Together with our founder, we form a small, efficient team with qualified expertise. Therefore, we are what is crucial when it comes to communication: fast. And with our locations in the most important regions in Germany, we are close to key decision makers. Also on European level.

Fuchs & Cie. – a supporting network.

Communication is a people’s business. Our work for our clients is backed by a resilient, high-level network throughout media, economics and politics, on German, European and global level.

This enables us to quickly identify all relevant contacts for your request in order to swiftly communicate your messages towards the right target group– no matter whether you are addressing the broad media sphere or targeting identified decision makes.

One thing is certain: our network supports you and your agenda until you have reached your goal.

Our Clients. Long-term satisfaction.

We have long-term relationships with our clients. We offer them support, not only on an ad-hoc basis, but with a structural approach – because communication is based on trust. We help our clients to build it cautiously, but sustainably. And we will gladly do the same for you and your company.

Our clients were asked to describe Fuchs & Cie. We are happy to share the results:

proactive, dynamic, competent, strategic, experienced, serious, creative, pragmatic, down to earth, professional, connected, dedicated, value adding, discreet, supportive, responsive, agile